Hard Charger / Sights of War • Split LP

Hard Charger / Sights of War • Split LP

Top notch crusty punk d-beat rock n roll.

Limited to 322 copies on extra black wax. Pressed in Canada on the highest quality presses. Includes double sided insert.

Out July 20th 2018


Hard Charger (Fredericton, NB)
1. Vagabonds of the Northern Hell
2. Usurper
3. Slobberknocker
4. The Borderline
5. Boiling Point
6. Wrath of the Punisher
7. Dead End Road

Sights of War (Sherbrooke, QC)
1. Breeding Violence
2. Ignorant Mess
3. Social Standard (How Much Shit Can You Take?)
4. They Wage War
5. La Haine
6. Hounds of War
7. Atomic Blast Beat
8. Distress
9. The Pact
10. Miserable Nihiliste
11. The Statement